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Entry #3


2015-01-11 18:01:26 by Zungo

So after like years of looking and searching the web, I've finally managed to snag up a Cintiq. Orignally I was looking extensively for somewhere around the lines of a Cintiq 12wx or a cheap Yiyonva (one in which I did buy but returned) but I just managed to stumble upon something in my price range which was this Cintiq 21UX. So I'm planning on releasing a plentfiul amount of new content this year along with even more in the much more years to come. 




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2015-01-11 18:34:03

Congrats! much Jelly! lol i got a wacom intuos pro for christmas and love it cant wait for the day i get a cintiq!! use it well!:D

Zungo responds:

Thanks, I sure will try! :)


2015-08-13 01:46:07

Ha the funny thing about this tablet is that I sold it like literally a few weeks after I bought it. Was a first generation piece of turd. Looking at better and newer options now like the 13HD. Oh please forgive me Mr.Piggy Bank! :(